It was done.

I can’t bend over without grimacing in pain.  Who knew that 10 years of inactivity would throw my legs into “freak out” mode simply by spending the day bent over planting seeds?  Yeesh.

The plot ended up being 32×60.  1900 sq. foot garden.  I hope it’s enough!

I had planted 3 rows of corn right away a couple weeks ago, and we have some tiny shoots coming up!  Woot!

The rest of the garden..

  • Shelling Peas:  1 wide row
  • Wando Peas:  1 wide row
  • Sugar Snap Peas:  3 wide rows
  • Bush Snap Beans:  2 wide rows
  • Green Beans:  3 wide rows
  • Romaine Lettuce:  2 single rows
  • Carrots:  3 raised beds
  • Green Onions:  2 raised beds
  • Beets:  2 raised beds
  • Radishes:  1 raised bed
  • Watermelon:  6 hills
  • Pumpkin:  3 hills
  • Cantelope:  6 hills
  • Winter Squash:  2 rows
  • Cucumbers:  9 hills
  • Corn:  8 rows

On the side of the house we have a 2′ deep x 27′ bed.  Today I cleaned it up and pulled some (flowers?  weeds?) and transplanted them to the front porch.  Then, I took a chive plant and poked it in the middle, then on either side I did a row each of Dill, Cilantro, Rosemary & Thyme.  I will be putting a couple cherry tomato bushes in directly to the left & right of the chives this week.  The remaining 6 tomato plant we will just do in buckets.


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