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Analysis – 2 weeks

I think my dates are a bit off, but based on my written journal, today is THE second week since planting.  I have tons of pictures, but instead of putting them in the post, I’ll just link them.  Or, you can click the photostream in the sidebar.

Corn 1:  This is the three rows we planted two or so weeks earlier than the rest.  Right out of the shoot, they did good – until we planted the second batch and we saw the difference.  On these three rows, I pinch-planted… meaning, I deliberately set two kernals every 12″. 

Corn 2:  These rows really took off, and I think its due to two reasons:  one, I “shook” seeds in the row, kind of on the heavy side, and secondly, this area gets a bit more sunshine.

Cucumber 1 and Cucumber Closeup:  12 mounds, only 9 took.  No clue why, but I can only wonder if the birds indulged?  I replanted today.

Squash and Squash Closeup:  The buggers shifted, or moved, or something.  I don’t know what happened, but they aren’t where we put them!  We have six plants out of I believe 8.  Won’t replant because of time constraints.

Cantelope & Cantelope Closeup:  6 hills, 4 took.  I am considering maybe using some of the extras from thinning and putting them in an empty hill.  Otherwise, we are going with what we got.

Watermelon & Watermelon Closeup:  Again, 4 of 6 popped.  I replanted 2.  These and pumpkins are going to be interesting to see if we pull it off.

Radishes & Radishes Closeup:  They are radishes.  So easy a caveman could do it. 🙂  I thinned through today.

Pumpkins & Pumpkins Closeup:  Doing pretty good and growing fast!  I only thinned the furthest mound.  The other two have two plants a piece.

Beets and Beets Closup:  Doing really good – I understand no thinning should be done, so we are leaving them be!

Onions :  Thinned these and what a wonderful smell from the thinnings!

Carrots & Carrots Closeup:  Hmm – again an example of pinch and plant.  I think the shake a bunch in the row option yields better results.  If these don’t push hard the next couple of days, I may just replant.

Lettuce:  Had to replant both rows – nothing came up, no clue why.

Beans, Beans, Beans, Beans and Peas:  One thing I have done wrong, is we allowed too much space inbetween wide rows.  In a few cases, we could easily get more in, which is exactly what we are going to do.  Results are spotty as you can see from the photos – is it the moles disrupting the seeds?  No idea.


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  1. very impressive!!

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