Rain Delay

We decided to go for a drive tonight to look at Tippy Dam – that was so cool to see – the rivers are all above flood stage, so they are having to open up the dam… isn’t that picture cool?

Tippy Dam

(Tippy Dam – Releasing Water)

We had a whopper of a storm two nights ago.  Amanda had a T-ball game, and we decided to go grocery shopping right after.  Around 9:30 we got done, and stopped by Mc Garbage Dump to get them some food and then head home.

The sky was looking ooky, so I tried to get the radar up on my phone – no dice.  So, I called my MIL to get the low-down, and wouldn’t you know, there was a tornado heading right for us.  Phil thought he saw something in the sky right above us.  We hightailed it home, going 2mph on our road because the rain & hail were so bad.

I believe there were 2 confirmed touchdowns, and multiple funnel clouds.  Here, we received about 9-12 inches of rain.  It was by far, the worse storm I’ve ever been in – rain, that is.  Red, blue, green & purple lightening…  Beautiful, but weird at the same time.

I have been busy getting our house cleaned (I was a bit behind – on laundry as well), in addition to getting the garden somewhat cleaned up.  I will post pictures tomorrow or Monday of what the garden looks like.  Everything faired pretty well. 

 And, yes… we have more severe storms coming.


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  1. At least you’re alive right? Oh! And the garden survived, yes, that is what’s important!

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