Summer Schedule

Do you find it hard to adjust your schedule during the summer when the kids are home? 

I am having a heck of a time, and before I know it, the summer is going to be gone!  I need to get back on a schedule, the girls needs to be back on a schedule.  Period.  I’ve been kind of letting them have free rein for a bit, but I do want to get them going on a little bit of summer school.  Kaitlyn will be going into an advanced type 5th grade, and I don’t want her to lose her edge.  Amanda needs a little bit of urging in some areas, too.  I’m not going hardcore, but I do want them to spend about 1/2 hour a day reading, and 1/2 hour a day doing a workbook or sumthin’.  Lord knows they’ve been playing lots and lots!  Despite our driving being quite curtailed, they certainly aren’t suffering!

Did you know, that instead of the conventional Lemonade Stand, you can know sell all matter of things, living or not?  I hear Tent Worms are hot on the market as are earthworms.  And lots of them. 

Oh, and I also found out that a Niagra Falls replica can systematically be created in my back yard.  With the hose.  And the dirt we are trying to get grass growing in.

Yep, I’ll be darned.


The Graduate

Letting them spread their wings begins the moment they leave the protective cocoon they have resided in for nine (but in this case, 9 1/2) months.  The very first breath they breathe is the beginning of independence and doing things for themselves.

In our case, I think Kaitlyn was much easier to “let go” because we knew we had another one coming up.  Even in pregnancy, I cherished and held on to everything I could because I knew it would be the last.  The last foot rolling across my tummy.  The last time my body would be used to help God perform a miracle – the miracle of life.

I didn’t cry the day she went off to Kindergarten – I couldn’t allow myself that when I knew she was so excited to go and experience the world in which her sister had for four years before her.  No, I just couldn’t do it – but, I did mope for a few weeks.  My partner was gone.  There would no longer be the mid day naps giggling and snuggling under the blankets.  There would no longer just be her and I taking off to hang out at the library or going shopping during the day.

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Oh, how history repeats itself