Moles, Grubs & Ants

Let’s all together say “eeewwwww”.


Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and though I can’t tolerate most, there are a few that just set me off.  Worms are a big one.  In fact, they are numero uno on my list.  Really, to the point of psycho-therapy needed.  Maybe my brother dangled the little nasties in front of me when I was a kid.   Gardening and having such an issue with worms is almost oxymoronic-ish.

Ants as well sick me right out – mainly because I equate them with filth.  Plus, the little buggers bite.  And, they are just gross. 

You can imagine the sourness I felt whilst tilling the land and seeing grubs, and subsequently Japanese Beetles in the turf.  I squished what I could, but it really wasn’t an “infestation”.  But, I knew we had them.

Yesterday while on my first of four checks of the garden, you can imagine my frustration at seeing Mole tunnels.  Nothing will kill off this baby garden faster.

I contemplated many options and just wound up flooding the holes, then spraying a pesticide.  Greenies may gasp in dismay at me, and that’s alright.  But, I figure I had to get rid of the food source for the moles.  Hopefully this works.  If it doesn’t, I’ll try the beer. 


From whence we came

Growing up in Montana (the picture at the top of the blog is what I got to see every morning out the back door) kind of makes it easy to love being outside.  But, as in most areas of my life, I did it my way. 

Excercise to me was in the form of yard work or riding the horses.  I couldn’t and can’t stand to hike – what’s the point?  You go up, you come down – or, here in Michigan, you go in, you come out.

Fishing, I enjoy.  So long as someone (hi honey!) baits the hook, takes the fish off, and cleans it.  See what I mean?  My way.

Gardening really is no different.  Creepy things and me just cannot coexist.  Worms?  Don’t even get within 50 feet of me.  Ants?  Anyone hear of Orkin?  I’ve tried, Lord I’ve tried, to emerge a bigger, better person by bringing in “tools” of the trade that may help – but, no – Rubber Gloves cannot get me to love the critters any more.  I’m sure there is some benefit to having ants in the garden, but I cannot sit by and watch my hills, mounds and rows become a home to these things.  Worms, I can accept in the garden because even I know they need to be there, but I have to get rid of the ants. 

I will be going to the store to get some (gasp) pesticide.  I prefer to think of it as a going away cocktail for the ants, grubs, fleas, and whatever else in the garden.