Let it rain, let it rain

This year has been unprecedented with the amount of rain we have received so far. And, my garden(s) have benefited.  I did prune the tomatoes a bit tonight – to get the lower limbs off the mud/soil (thanks Susan for verifying my hunch!).  Oh, and we did end up drilling holes in the buckets for drainage.  We were holding off to see how they did.




Funny story about tomato plants.  We had intended to get 2 cherry, 2 beef eaters and 2 romas.  Then, the MR piped up and thought that maybe we should get a couple more to make sure we had enough for sauces.  Ok, great.

I went to the store today to get said plants, only they didn’t have any Romas.  So, I got the 2 cherry and 3 beefs, and 3 jet setters.  Then, DING!  Home Depot may have some.  So, I took a quick run there – and they did in fact have Romas.

We have 10 tomato plants to put in the ground tomorrow.  Spaghetti sauce anyone?  How about some stewed tomatoes?  No?  Salsa?  Which makes me think I need to maybe get some pepper plants so we can do salsa.  Lord knows we should have enough!

Severe frost tonight, so corn is covered.  Luckily nothing else has peaked through yet.