Tuesday Morning Grumps

It’s almost 10am, and I sit here in my robe – wet hair still holding conditioner…  Our well pump is about as fickle as a teenager.  It works, but sometimes it decides it doesn’t want to.  This is one of those mornings.  So, I wait until it kicks back on.

I have been doing some research into a raw food detox – I want to get some of the crap out of my body and jump start a little bit of weight loss.  I have been hovering at the same weight for awhile, and pretty much no matter what I do, nothing changes.  I found out yesterday why – I have some more tests to get done, but preliminary diagnosis is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) – which would explain a lot.  Thankfully, it should be able to get under control with diet and diabetic meds. 

I still need to get to the garden and take some pics – actually, I’m in the garden several times a day, but never with the camera.  New pests have moved in… aphids.  I tell you, if it isn’t one thing, its another! 


Let’s revisit moles

I fell asleep last night thinking that I haven’t done on here what I intended – sort of.  I had wanted to document things from the garden – pests, issues, questions, etc.  So, later today I will have another post on just that (with pictures, of course).

Did you know that moles are actually good for the garden?  Me either.  Apparently, moles are good because they take care of grubs, which I knew, but they do NOT eat veggies, which I did not know.  So, I guess it would behoove us to keep the little sucker on premises.  Except for the ones in the yard – now those can go.


Why on earth would I put in a garden with so many other irons in the fire?

Uh – momentary insanity?


Times are tough, let’s face it.  When you have to use $20 worth of gas just to get groceries, you really have to think about what you’re doing and make necessary changes.  We are in full out get rid of the debt mode, and so we are making some adjustments to what we are doing.  And, with the garden, we have to do it frugally.

Plus, the food in the groceries are junk.  If you don’t know where its coming from, then why get it?  I want my family to be healthy!

So, we garden.  As novices.  Hoping for the best.  Literally praying over the hills and rows as we planted.  That despite our inexperience the food harvest in great numbers – so we can be fed and be able to feed others.