If you garden, you may realize how many lessons really can be learned just by gardening – or, maybe it’s me and this is a custom made path I’m down?

Doesn’t matter, really.  Patience is a very clear lesson I’m going through – not your typical outward patience, but more of the inner kind.  Walking side by side is the anti-patience… Discouragement.

Discouragement can come from many different areas… discouragement over your parenting – not seeing results in your children.  Discouragement in your job – working hard, fine tuning your talents only to be taken for granted.  There are many ways discouragement rears its’ head, but the bottom line is that it comes to rob you of patience – to make you take your eye off the prize.



The Graduate

Letting them spread their wings begins the moment they leave the protective cocoon they have resided in for nine (but in this case, 9 1/2) months.  The very first breath they breathe is the beginning of independence and doing things for themselves.

In our case, I think Kaitlyn was much easier to “let go” because we knew we had another one coming up.  Even in pregnancy, I cherished and held on to everything I could because I knew it would be the last.  The last foot rolling across my tummy.  The last time my body would be used to help God perform a miracle – the miracle of life.

I didn’t cry the day she went off to Kindergarten – I couldn’t allow myself that when I knew she was so excited to go and experience the world in which her sister had for four years before her.  No, I just couldn’t do it – but, I did mope for a few weeks.  My partner was gone.  There would no longer be the mid day naps giggling and snuggling under the blankets.  There would no longer just be her and I taking off to hang out at the library or going shopping during the day.

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Update in pictures

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James 1: 4 (KJV):

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.


It is needed in all areas of our lives.  It is something, in my opinion, that most people need to work at.  You might think your patient, but how fast do you drive down the road?

Gardening, among other things, is a wonderful lesson in patience.  How do I know?  Checking the garden upwards of five times a day only to get frustrated that the beans haven’t sprouted kind of supports that theory.

You cultivate the earth, so patience must also be cultivated.  I think that by making one simple change in the way you think will make patience eventually become a way of life. 

Stop looking at the now.  Look beyond what you see in front of you and look at the end result.

When you are driving down the road, you begin to speed because right now you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.  But, stop thinking of that – realize you will get to your end destination.  If, over the course of time you get into the habit of looking toward the end goal, you might actually find you have more patience.


Moles, Grubs & Ants

Let’s all together say “eeewwwww”.


Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and though I can’t tolerate most, there are a few that just set me off.  Worms are a big one.  In fact, they are numero uno on my list.  Really, to the point of psycho-therapy needed.  Maybe my brother dangled the little nasties in front of me when I was a kid.   Gardening and having such an issue with worms is almost oxymoronic-ish.

Ants as well sick me right out – mainly because I equate them with filth.  Plus, the little buggers bite.  And, they are just gross. 

You can imagine the sourness I felt whilst tilling the land and seeing grubs, and subsequently Japanese Beetles in the turf.  I squished what I could, but it really wasn’t an “infestation”.  But, I knew we had them.

Yesterday while on my first of four checks of the garden, you can imagine my frustration at seeing Mole tunnels.  Nothing will kill off this baby garden faster.

I contemplated many options and just wound up flooding the holes, then spraying a pesticide.  Greenies may gasp in dismay at me, and that’s alright.  But, I figure I had to get rid of the food source for the moles.  Hopefully this works.  If it doesn’t, I’ll try the beer. 

Oh, how history repeats itself

Garden Layout

One thing I’m not real well versed in is taking pictures – maybe I’ll get better as time goes by.

For someone with a personality like mine, gardening can sure make you learn how not to be so uptight.  When we were planting on Sunday, I was taking a measuring tape to make sure everything was exact, and it was taking forever.  Thankfully the MR. could see a better, easier way to accomplish what we needed to.

I literally spent many pain staking weeks trying to figure out the best layout – googling it did not help.  I did find The Weekend Gardener to be super helpful, so I based my layout on that.  You can see the layout here.